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The Truth about Israel and Palestine

President Obama is quoted as saying that Israel can never live in true peace as a Jewish state if it insists on "permanent occupation."

What's the truth about the crisis in the Middle East?  Is our president correct?

To find out the truth you must go back to Genesis.  In Genesis 15:4 God promised Abraham that he would have as many children as there were stars.  Abraham was 99 years old.  How could this be possible?  He and his wife Sarah had already waited many, many years.   But instead of waiting for God's plan they took matters into their own hands. Abraham and a servant had a son named Ishmael.  After Isaac was born a short time later, Ishmael and his mother Hagar were sent away.  Why is this important?

Flash forward a few years.

Remember when Joseph was sold into slavery?  In Genesis 39:1 Ishmaelite traders sold Joseph to Potiphar.  Issac was Joseph's grandfather.  These men who bought Joseph were descendants of Joseph's great-uncle.  With the wealth that Abraham and his families had (evident through the amount of tents, servants, and herds) of course his cousins knew who he was.  These Ishmaelite traders were jealous of the descendant's of Isaac.  Why shouldn't they be and all of their families.  Ishmael had been sent away.  Isaac had been chosen over Ishmael.  And so truly begins the conflict between the Arab nations and the Hebrews.  The Egyptians and the Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael.  They were the twelve princes (nations) that God promise Ishmael would descend from him.

According to the Koran, it was Ishmael not Isaac who was the son of the promise.  The jealousy and resentment continue as is evident in this text and the changes from history.  The area was known as Judea until the Romans changed the name to Palestine around 140 A.D.

This leads to another question that we must ponder.  If one truly believes that the Bible is the inspired word of God then there is no question that Israel is the land promised to the Jews and no others may lay claim to it.  However what does it mean when our commander in chief supports the Palestinians instead?

Who are the Palestinians and why would they have any right to this land?  First let's look at their claims.  The Palestinians say they lived in the land of Canaan before God gave it to Israel.  Here's the problem.  The Palestinians are not Canaan descendants.  They are Arab descendants from Ishmael.  The Canaanites were descendants of Ham.  Abraham was a descendant of Shem.  The Palestinians admit they were descendants of Abraham.  They need to study their lineage.

The Palestinians were the descendants of Arabs intermarrying with other groups including the Egyptians. One of the other groups were the Edomites. These were the descendants of Joseph's uncle Esau's descendants.
Now go back just a few short years ago.  As the Arab nations began to develop their kingdom's they began ejecting those not of their lineage.  Unlike the Palestinians, the Arab nations were "pure blooded" while the Palestinians were a mixture of "half-bloods".  No Arab nation wanted the "half-bloods" in their country.  Where did they begin settling?  They went to the area known as Palestine. 

Meanwhile the new nation of Israel was prospering. Golda Meir, former Prime Minister of Israel, offered some insightful comments on this. Herbert W. Armstrong, a friend and confidant of Mrs. Meir and many other Middle Eastern leaders, recorded her words in 1971. Keep in mind that these statements followed the 1967 War: “Then she told us of the Israelis’ ability and willingness to help their Arab neighbors. This small but remarkable nation now sends its experts and its technology throughout the deepest parts of Africa and to even more remote places in the world to help under-developed nations. “‘How easy it would be,’ she said earnestly, ‘to send the same teams across the border into Jordan, or across the canal into Egypt, and how much prosperity and happiness would be brought to this entire area of the world by peace...
“‘We don’t want to have to go on winning more and more victories,’ she added. ‘We only want peace...’”
Then Mr. Armstrong reflected upon Mrs. Meir’s words: “What a deplorable tragedy that the whole world cannot now have the kind of peace, with prosperity and happiness that Prime Minister Golda Meir expressed a desire for—each nation cooperating with its neighbor.
“But the reason is summed up in the biblical statement: ‘The way of peace they know not.’ There has, of necessity, to be a cause for every effect. There will have to be a cause to produce peace. That cause is a way of life” (Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Vol. 2, pp. 500-501).

As late as 1991 Palestinians were still being ejected from Arab nations.  In 1991 they were ejected from Kuwait. Once ejected from their Arab relatives' lands where did they settle?  You guessed it, Israel in the West Bank area.  So how can it be said on the Palestinian National Authority's own website phrases such as "Israeli occupation" or "Israeli human rights violations?"  The Israelis took these peoples in.  They provided running water, sewers and prosperity.   This is especially evident when you look at Jerusalem. 

In 1948 Jordan invaded and occupied east Jerusalem.  For 19 years it was split.  Israel occupied the west and Jordan occupied the eastern section including the Old City and most religious shrines.  The Arab governments viewed this as Jordan holding this area and the West Bank  "in trust" by Jordan for the Palestinians.  Jordan would not allow the Israelis access to the Temple Wall and the cemetery on the Mount of Olives where Jews had been burying their dead for 2,500 years.  Jordan desecrated Jewish holy places.  They destroyed hundreds of Jewish graves to build a highway across the cemetery.  They used the tombstones as pavement and latrines in the camps.  They destroyed the ancient Jewish Quarter of the Old City.  Fifty-eight synagogues were destroyed or ruined.  Many were turned into stables and chicken coops.  Slum dwellings were built against the Western Wall.

After the six day war, Israel turned the administration of holy places over to their respective religious authorities and required that all religious would be allowed to visit places sacred to them.  Even Muslims were allowed to visit the Temple Mount where the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aksa Mosque are located.  Under Israeli control, even Palestinian Arabs have political rights and were allowed to be given the choice to become citizens of Israel.  Something the Palestinians own relatives did not allow.  Even if they are not citizens, they are allowed to vote.

If we truly are trying to bring democracy to other countries and fight terrorism; if that was our goal in Iraq, then we must support Israel.  Under Palestinian control their is no democracy.  The rights of others are not protected.  The disregard for other's cultures and rights are completely ignored.  And our president supports these people! 

I cannot with a clear conscious support this man or his policies.  I hope that this brief history has enlightened you to the importance of supporting Israel.

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