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Diaper Review

I have now been cloth diapering for almost a month and a half.  I've gotten several used diapers and bought several new diapers and made some huge mistakes along the way.  This is my first attempt at reviewing several cloth diapers including gdiaper, Gerber, Nubunz, Mother-ease, Thirsties All in one Duo Diaper, and Thirsties Covers.  I also have a Cheeky Diaper, a Wiggle Worm Bottom diaper and econobum inserts.  The two diapers are still too big, so I'll do these three at a later date.

 Let's start with the first cloth diaper I bought.........
The diaper cover on the right is what happens when you put them in the dryer.
Gerber prefolds- I use these to stuff everything
Gerber burp clothes- I use these to stuff everything.

After visiting Babies R Us and the few options available and looking at my diaper budget for the month, I thought going with Gerber would give me the most diapers for the amount I had to spend.  So I bought four packs for $12.  I also purchased three packs of Gerber burping cloths, two packs of Gerber prefolds, and some pink safety pins.  I went straight home and researched how to fold prefolds into diapers.  I immediately put these onto Abbie and she immediately peed out of the diapers.  It was horrible.  They leaked everywhere.  What was wrong, other than these being extremely cheap.  After almost giving up I found out that you are supposed to prepare the diapers by washing, and rinsing, and rinsing!  I also found out that when you accidentally forget the covers are in the wash and throw everything in the dryer the covers tend to melt to themselves and get holes.
  • useful if in a pinch
  • cheap to replace when you melt them
  • burp clothes fit perfectly in the gdiaper
  • prefolds are good for overnight
  • you get what you pay for
  • the leaks are everywhere
  • very noisy when the baby moves
  • melts if you put it in the dryer
Total Cost: $44.00 (16 covers, 12 burp clothes, 24 prefolds)
Rating:  1.5 / 5

Disappointed and depressed I went back to Babies R Us and gave in to my only other option.......
The velcro snaps to the back.  The g should be on the babies butt!  Slightly more difficult to put on when the baby is squirming.

The gpouch snaps onto the diaper and has tight elastic to hold everything in.
The tabs for the snaps are unraveling and the elastic has changed color.
gCloth is on top and Nubunz insert is on bottom.

At first I liked these because all you had to do was switch the little gpouch by unsnapping it and putting another in.  You rinse out the used one and hang it to dry.  It didn't come with any inserts, but I just used the Gerber burp cloths and it worked fine.  Jenny gave me a couple gcloth inserts to use.  They are super soft on one side and rougher on the other side.  The gpouches come in packs of 6 and can be bought separately.  The inserts come in packs of 6.  I didn't buy extra gpouches or gcloth inserts because I didn't know they were available.  Obviously I did no research before jumping into cloth diapering!  Occasionally the poop leaks out and gets on the diapers, but overall the gdiaper was a good choice.

  • easy to use
  • fits well around legs
  • awesome velcro
  • gpouches hold alot
  • elastic around waist fits nice
  • good day time diaper
  • easy to just switch gpouch or gcloth and keep the same diaper
  • can buy both cloth and flushable/disposable inserts so that when you go out or grandma has the baby you don't have stinky cloth diapers in bags
  • difficult to put on when baby is squirming
  • necessary items are extra (gcloths and extra gpouches)
  • tabs on the gpouches are unraveling...going to have to buy more gpouches shortly
  • leaves red marks at the tops of Abbies legs/waist
  • waist elastic band changes color in wash and I think it looks ugly
  • poops can be difficult can be difficult to get out of the tiny folds made by the elastic in the gpouches
  • gpouches are not large enough to hold night time amount of stuffing
  • gcloths are three inches shorter than Nubunz inserts
  • expensive
Total Cost: $26.99   inserts-$29.99/6,  disposable refills- $14.49/32, g-pants diaper- $26.99/ 2
Rating:  3.5 / 5

After washing diapers every night I knew I needed to get more diapers or I would quickly burn out.  I advertised on freecycle and was given two handmade diapers, a Mother-ease diaper, two Thirsties all-in-one Duo Diapers, and one other that I can't find (must be at Nanny's).
 Below is a picture of the two handmade diapers.  They work very well, but require a cover and are getting to be too small for Abbie.
Inside of a handmade diaper.  Super absorbent!!
Snaps across front.
 This diaper has snaps across the front so I can adjust the fit.  There is no elastic on the legs, but the material is so absorbent that it doesn't leak.  It works very well under the Thirsties cover or under another cover.

Thirsties Duo Diaper AIO:
The diaper is super absorbent and has a pocket for nighttime stuffing.
Leg gussets prevent leaking and are really soft on baby's leg.
Velcro has changed color and is growing weak.
This is an excellent all in one diaper.  Don't have to have inserts.  You can use it just like a regular diaper.  It has a pocket opening in the front so when you are unstuffing the diaper you don't get your hand poopy.  I never use the pocket.  I just put an insert in and use it like a cover.  The leg gussets are awesome at keeping in moisture.  I haven't had a leak with this diaper.  The velcro is a little weak.  Abbie can get them off rather easily.  Think this is an excellent diaper and was even better that I got it for free.
  • easy to use
  • great elastic around legs
  • can be used alone, with stuffing in pouch, or with inserts
  • good elastic around waist
  • laundry tabs for velcro
  • great day or nighttime diaper
  • 7 layers of absorbent material built into diaper
  • velcro is wearing out, but I have no idea how used the diaper was before I got it
  • velcro turns color in wash
  • wanted to buy more but are rather expensive
Total Cost: $18 each

Rating:  4.5 / 5 

Thirsties Cover:
Looks just like the Thirsties Duo Diaper just without the stuffing.
This is an excellent cover.  It has the leg gussets to prevent leaks, nice velcro, laundry tabs, and a tab to hold inserts in place.  The two I bought I purchased from the clearance at the Thirsties web site and they were both larges, but work well on Abbie when I stuff them for nighttime.

  • easy to use with inserts
  • great elastic around legs
  • good elastic around waist
  • laundry tabs for velcro
  • great day or nighttime diaper
  • cheap on clearance
  • velcro turns color in wash
  • cost more at regular price
Total Cost: $6 on clearance and $12 regularly priced

Rating:  4.5 / 5 

Super absorbent center.  Reverse to make smaller.  Too wide at the legs.
Flip for smaller snaps
This diaper requires a cover; however because it is so wide in the bottom it often causes wicking.  The smaller size really isn't that much smaller.

  • very absorbent
  • Made out of organic cotton terry cloth
  • too wide and causes wicking out of covers
Total Cost: I got mine for free, but are $12 regularly

Rating:  4.5 / 5 

This is a one size diaper and the snaps allow for fitting.
Nice laundry tabs.
Pocket in the back to stuff....but since I don't stuff I'm not worried about poopy hands.
Inside is super soft and absorbent.  Elastic around legs and waist are tight.
Nice looking diaper.
Nubunz insert is on the bottom and is 12 inches long.  They are super absorbent and super soft.
I absolutely love this diaper. They are the cheapest diaper I have found and come with two inserts.  Have not had a leak.  Easy to rinse out and have only had one snap that didn't fit right.
  • cheap but excellent quality
  • come with two inserts
  • great elastic around legs
  • good elastic around waist
  • laundry tabs for velcro
  • great day or nighttime diaper
  • inserts are awesome
  • one snap wouldn't fit out of seven diapers
Total Cost: $4.50 includes a diaper and two inserts

Rating:  5 / 5

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  1. Welcome to the world of cloth diapering. Sell the ones you don't like and get more of the ones you do like. :)