Monday, August 8, 2011

Blueberry Diapers

My new favorite diaper is now the Blueberry diaper.  I bought a Blueberry AIO Basix (medium) and loved it from the moment I received it.  The Blueberry at first reminded me of the gdiaper because it fastens on the side.  However I love the way it fits her waist and around her legs.  One of the reasons I really like this diaper is because the attached soaker pad comes out when you wash the diaper.  I don't use this diaper as a pocket but place my inserts over the diaper as an all in two so I use fewer diapers.  However I love that it has the attached soaker that comes out so I know the diaper is getting thoroughly clean.  The diaper fits Abbie very well and I have had no leaks.  I've also bought two Minky Blueberry diapers which turned out to be large.  I thought this was odd because on the website the Minky is one size.  These two have tags which state they are large and are currently a little big on her cute tush. They have to be an older style, but I think they will still work well as an AI2 or a pocket.  Below is a picture of Abs in her large Blueberry Minky.

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