Monday, November 28, 2011

Babyville Boutique Review

So the other day I went to Hobby Lobby and they had rearranged.  As Kel and I were looking at all of the new displays I suddenly realized that I was looking at PUL.  My excitement was overwhelming.  The entire display was on baby diapers.  They had a Babyville DIY diaper book, the PUL material, FOE (fold over elastic), snaps, snap pliers, appliques.  Everything was color coordinated.  I immediately bought 1 yard of PUL, 1 yard of suedecloth, 1 yard of flannel, the FOE, snaps, snap pliers, and the book.  I have since made three diapers and have enough material to make one more diaper.  I made one FOE Pocket Diaper, one Quick-Dry AIO, and one Quick-Dry AIO with leg gussets.  I see several things I would do differently next time.  For instance I don't like the opening to the pocket.  I fought with the gussets and had to rework them because I didn't get the FOE tight enough the first time and it may still not be tight enough.  I also would like to work on the stitch on my built in soakers.  I didn't take the stitch right to the edge like I should have.  I think if I get a side cutter foot, my current stitch would be fine.  I also screwed up the snaps on my first pocket diaper and had to add more snaps to fix it.