Monday, April 23, 2012

How I would run the Post Office

I've put a lot of thought into this as my business has started booming.  There are several changes I would put into effect that would make the post office more efficient and productive.

1)  Post offices would be open from 8 am until 6 pm.  Let's face it, if people can't get to the post office they will use other means to ship their letters and packages.
2) The post office will be open during lunch.  What other business on the face of the earth closes for lunch?  Not a profitable one.  Many people can't get to the post office with their current hours at any other time than lunch.  When I go to the post office and they are taking an hour long lunch period it just makes me angry.  I work hard and I don't even get a guaranteed thirty minutes.  I know there is more than one person back there.  Why are they taking their lunch break at the same time and what are they doing for an entire hour? 
3) Many of the automatic machines have been removed from the post office making after hours business impossible.  Why?  Think of the opportunities here.  I went in one post office where they had a scale attached to a machine.  The customer inserted the zip code and placed the package on the scale.  Swiping the credit card purchased the stamp to place on the package.  Human error could be faulted and thus this the reason given for removing the machine, but is it not the same thing as buying postage online?  Require the same for the automatic machines and you would have the same level of error.  The customers are not idiots.  We can take a lot of the work off your shoulders if you give us a cool gadget!
4) Say what you mean!  If I pay $10 more for Express mail.  Then I expect it to be there in one day.  Let's see.  That would be tomorrow, 24 hours from now.  Darn it.  If you say one day then it better be one day or I get my money back.  If you really mean it will be there in 48 hours then say that and if I want it there in 48 hours then I'll pay what you charge me and I'll be happy. 
5) Make your menu understandable.  I walk in the post office and there is a list of services, but I have no idea what they mean.  I just know that parcel post is usually cheaper and I usually just tell the lady "whatever is cheaper."  I have no idea what those titles: express mail, priority mail, etc. really mean when it comes to how my package will be shipped and HOLY COW!!! I just saw on the website that there is Sunday delivery for a modest premium.  How many of you knew that?  All of those minutes I have spent in the line at the post office and no where does Sunday delivery even show up!  Why aren't these options being made available?
6) Sell your product.  I mentioned earlier that I always say, "whatever is cheaper."  What if the mail lady responded , "Yes, parcel post is cheaper, but with ...... you will get a delivery conformation."  I would probably say "Hey cool!  Let's go with that."  Make me want to buy your upgraded products!  I want good service.  I want good products, but if I don't know the benefits, then I'm not going to pay more.  You have to sell me to these services!

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