Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instead Softcup Review and Giveaway

     Growing up my momma bought me pads. Not only did she by me and my sister pads, but she bought us the huge overnight pads. Talk about awkward! I learned about tampons on my own. I figured them out on my own. As I had my own family and learned about cloth diapers I began to think about all of my contribution to the landfills. Those pads and tampons have to go somewhere. I began to research other options and learned about menstrual cups. The jump was so scary. What if I paid all of the money and it didn't work for me? What if it leaked everywhere and I just ended up using pads all over again! That is when I discovered Instead Softcup.

     Tampons have been shown to lead to Toxic Shock Syndrone. There is an increase in cancer caused by dioxins from the production. Also supposedly the pesticides used cause your period to be more difficult. According to the Softcup website tampons cause small tears along the vaginal wall and when you remove them small peices of cotton tear away and remain leaving foreign particles in your body.
      Environmentally tampons break down after about six months. Pads last forever because of the plastics. According to the Softcup website, they are made of "polymeric material that has been used safely for more than 20 years in health care products such as catheters and baby bottle nipples". I couldn't really find info on how long it takes for these materials to decompose. The point here is that it is a disposable product that will end up in landfills. Why did I chose this option if I am looking to reduce my waste? I thought of Softcup as a reduction in waste because you only use one softcup every 12 hours compared to a tampon every four hours. Right away less is being thrown away. Second I don't see this as a permanent product. After becoming familiar with a menstrual cup I plan on purchasing a reusable cup sometime in the near future. For me this a transitional product in my journey to reduce waste.
      Softcup did take some getting used to. You insert it very differently than a tampon. While sitting down you pinch it together and then insert it downward behind your cervix and put the top up. You can wear it up to 12 hours and to remove while sitting; just stick one finger up underneath and pull it out. You empty it in the toilet before disposing. I usually wrap in a little toilet paper because I have usually already thrown the wrapper away. At first I was having some leaking. I went online to the Softcup website and read about fit and adjusted the way I was inserting the Softcup and there was a huge difference.
       You can't feel Softcup when it is inserted. Sometimes when using the restroom I experienced a little spotting, but the website assures that some spotting while using the restroom is normal. It did not continue afterward. The first few two days of my period I changed the cup about every seven hours when I had a little spotting, but the other days I was able to wear it for the full time. The box comes with fourteen Softcups. So I used a box for the week.
      The Softcup website claims you can wear it during sex and this was something I had to try out. I have used Softcup for four months. During my periods my husband does not prefer to have "quality time." Mostly because it is so messy. But during one of these weeks I didn't tell him and he had no idea that I was wearing it. He frequently hits around in that area during "quality time" so you would think he would be able to feel it. The second month I told him we had test it out and once again he said he couldn't feel it.  We had no mess and still were able to have "quality time." I don't like having to give up my "quality time" so this was a selling point for me.
       Softcup comes in two models; a disposable and a reusable.  Right now I am using the disposable.  At first I was concerned about having to empty this and change it while at school (I am a high school teacher), but have had no problems. The thought of a student coming in while I was rinsing a reusable cup is one of the reasons I haven't already made up my mind about purchasing a reusable cup. I think I may continue to use the disposable cup until at least summer when I can get used to a reusable.

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  1. My favorite is mama cloth!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I use tampons on my heavy days as well as mama cloth for backup!

  2. Love these with mama cloth! & to aid in conception!

  3. I've used only tampons for years, paired with panty liners. I've been considering a reusable cup for a while, but hesitate to fork over money for something I may not like. I'd love a "test drive." Great giveaway!

  4. Thank you guys for sharing! Let others know about this great giveaway and good luck!

  5. Hey Trace, I don't need any softcups---I just wanted to let you know I've been using mama cloth for a long time and love them. I don't even remember where I got the ones I have. Do me a favor and email me your current email address in case I ever need it. The one I have is your old, old one. Like maiden name old.

    1. Tori! I'm so happy to hear from you. I missed seeing you when you were down. I didn't realize yall were leaving so quick. My email is traciemwilliams@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Congrats to Anna Turkel who won the Softcups Giveaway!