Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

It is now New Year's Day.  I've never really made New Year's Resolutions in the past, but I've decided that this year I'm going to do a few things differently.

1) More eco-friendly.
With Abbie I switched to cloth diapers mostly to save money, but also to help reduce the amount of trash our family produces.  Last week our trash pick-up day was on Christmas day and instead of trash being picked up the next day or the next, they just didn't come at all.  Our trash can was over flowing.  Today they picked up the trash.  I've already filled the can back up.  I can't imagine what it would be like if we also had disposable diapers.
Here's my plan.  First I'm going to introduce unpaper towels.  I already make them, but don't actually use them.  I'm going to use them this year.  Next we are going to switch to unpaper napkins.  I can make those as well, so why not make some for myself?  If I can talk the hubby into it I'm going to go for family cloth too.  He's been opposed so far.  He says that anything he wipes his butt with is going to be flushed....  We shall see.
I already switched from tampons and panty liners to the Softcup by Instead Cup and made myself some mama cloth.  I like the whole idea of using the softcup because it doesn't have all of the chemicals and junk, but you still throw it in the trash.  There are other menstrual cups that you dump, rinse, and reuse.  I'm thinking about purchasing one to try out with my next diaper sell.  I've been nervous about making the switch because with the Softcup I have leaking.  What if I pay all of that money and it leaks?  I did like that the hubby and I can still have a little fun with the softcup with very little mess (TMI, I know, but you were all wondering if you could).

2) Reduce the stuff.
Every where I look in my house I see stuff.  Stuff stacked here and stuff stacked there.  It has got to go.  I want only the stuff we need in our house.  This is a problem because I like to hang on to stuff, but I've got to make myself let it go.  I want to start with this baby grand piano and all the junk hiding underneath it.  The problem there is that my mother-in-law won't let me sell it because she wants to keep it in the family.  I want to declutter.  And it is a whole lot of clutter.  I have books galore and I've got to thin them out.  I'm thinking I take them all out and sit them in the yard and say "free."  Do you think I can do it?  And the kids' toys have got to go.  We don't buy our kids a lot of toys, but somehow they multiply.  For Christmas we only gave them two from us each and one from Santa.

3) Keep up with laundry.
Seems like it should be easy, but I can't do it.  For the past month I have had a mountain of clothes beside my bed.  Beginning tomorrow I am going to put up each load as soon as I take it out of the dryer.  I may need some help!

4) Live healthier.
For lunch each day I have a Mountain Dew and bag of gummy Lifesavers.  So that has got to change.  I need to start planning out my meals for the week and be sure I have enough healthy stuff for lunch.  I need to take my vitamins EVERY day.  I need to exercise EVERY day.

5) Plan ahead.
I bought a family calendar, grocery list organizer, and a daily planner.  I AM going to use them DAILY!!!  No more pointless trips to the grocery store only to come home and have no idea what I can fix for dinner.  No more surprising Carl with family events.  No more forgetting birthdays or events (we shouldn't mention my father-in-law's present sitting on top of that before mentioned piano waiting to be mailed).

6) Review one product every month and have a giveaway.
I've already decided on my product for January.  I won't ruin the surprise but be on the lookout for a review in the next two weeks with a giveaway.

And there are my six resolutions for the new year.  Keeping these will be difficult but I am going to try very hard.  Hopefully my readers will help me keep up my resolutions.


  1. yours look like mine! my word for the year is Breathe. I sometimes forget to. LOL!

    my theme tho? Letting go....

    There's sooo much stuff everywhere.... visual noise. I need some quiet...

    We've been using unpaper napkins for a year or so. I found a bunch of adorable vintage retro 50s tea towels in a bright happy print. we live in an 1895 farm house that we're renovating bac to *farmhouse* from the updates done in the 70s and early 80s. they work perfect. i have enough for our family to eat twice with them... one to wash, one in the basket always. then at hgolidays when we havew family, i just save all my *holiday* kitchen dish towels and we use them as the napkins for the big meals. :) so we have an easter, thanksgiving, christmas sets for 10-12 people. it's nice and festive.

    I've thought about trying the cloth pads for me.... not sure about the cup. LOL. and I'm TOTALLY with your husband about the *family towel* lol!

    We startedmenu planning a fea years ago, and doing *double batch* cooking so i could feed the freezer as they say. takes no more energy to cook a double batch than a single batch, and it saves time and energy a few weeks or months down the road when dinner is DONE... and it's healthier and whole foods and nothing we eat is coming from a box or can anymore! (that was another big huge change a few years ago... eliminating chemicals from our diet...)

    I would like to be more bloggy this year. I just started my blog (www.featheredruffles.com) and have opened an online store selling baby stuff, kids clothes, doll clothes, raggedy quilts, throws, aprons, blah blah blah. basically if i can sew it, i will. then sell it.

    good luck with yours!