Monday, July 22, 2013


So I'm home all day during the summer.
Abbie is three years and two months.
Abbie starts school in four weeks.
I should have her potty trained.
If you said, "Right!,"

Oh my gosh!
Potty training the second one is the worst thing I have ever done.  I swear she holds it when I put her on the potty until I get her off and then guess what she does.
She pees!
I have cotton trainers which provide no protection.
I have cotton trainers with hidden PUL and terry inside so that it will stop most of the pee and she will feel really wet.
I have Best Bottom trainers which have hidden PUL and snap in flannel inserts.
I have a Sunbaby trainer which looks and acts more like a side snap pocket diaper.
I have tried all of these things.
I have tried setting the alarm every thirty minutes and putting her on the potty.
Not once has she peed in the potty.
So here's what I'm doing.
Absolutely nothing.
When she gets up in the morning I put her in a trainer and go about my day.  Every once in a while I'll ask her if she has to pee.  Of course she says no.
Then she pees.  Fortunately I have hard wood floor.  She will yell that she has peed.  If she has on the Sunbaby trainer or Best Bottom trainer  I'll just have to change her trainer, but if she has on any of the cotton trainers or ones with hidden PUL trainers I may have to mop the floor just a little and then change her.  She still has no interest in going to the potty.  If she isn't potty trained before school starts I guess we won't be getting our registration fee back.  :-(

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