Thursday, August 8, 2013

Winning in the potty training battle and a giveaway! August 8-23, 2013

So Abbie is now consistently going #1 in the potty.  We still haven't gotten a #2 successfully in the toilet, but I would like to share with you some of the advice we were given and what actually worked and if you share your plan, I will add you to a raffle for some training pants!

Use a reward:  Every time she attempts to use the potty or does give her a reward.  Yeah, so this didn't work at all!  Problem is that she didn't want to use the potty!

Use peer pressure:  Get brother in on it.  They get a shared reward that he really wants (the iPod back) and he will keep on her until she goes.  He did do that, but she didn't give in.

Put her on the potty every (so many) minutes:  Umm....I have a life.  Even when I set the timer I didn't have time to do this.  Plus this weird child only goes like four times a day no matter how much she has to drink.

Let her run around naked:  THIS IS WHAT WORKED!  My best friend offered this gem because it was what she did with her four boys.  She let them run around in their backyard naked during the summer and they learned really fast.  I have a girl and didn't want to embarrass her by letting her run around in the backyard naked and I wasn't going to do this in the house.  I do have easy to clean hardwood floors, but cleaning up the drips from the training pants was aggravating enough.  We went to the beach for a week and two days and she was in her bathing suit almost all day.  This was the perfect chance for the "naked" thing.  She had no diaper on while we were at the beach and the first day she just wet on herself which she did not like at all.  The next day she started saying, "I have to pee" and then would pee on herself.  The third day she would tell us and then we would either take her to the restroom or tell her to go to the water.  Well, somehow this translated in her mind.  So we are home and she tells me she has to pee and I carry her to the potty where she goes.  She's only had a few accidents.  The only one today was while we were outside because I was fogging the house for fleas and we couldn't go inside.  She said she had to go so I was going to get her to go in the backyard (not going in while fogging is going on), but she didn't make it back there and wet herself.  Felt so bad for her, but it was an accident and I told her how proud I was that she was telling me.  She and I took a shower together this evening.  She got in the water which made her have to pee.  She told me and I told her to get on the potty.  She got out of the shower, on the potty, and went.  Then she went and got Daddy to brag!

I didn't think she was going to be potty trained in time for 3-K which starts in two weeks.  I'm not sure what to do about the whole #2 thing.  Maybe she will figure that out in time or they will just send her home.  They want us to send extra clothes for any accidents, but I don't think they would like having to change that every day.

The giveaway:
Win five pairs of training pants with hidden PUL.  Here is what you have to do.  Leave a comment telling me your plan on potty training or what have you done that worked with an older sibling.  And if you are following me, I'll put an additional entry in for you.  On August 23rd at 9 pm EST I will use to choose a winner.  I will contact the winner for size and gender.


  1. It was tough trying to get my son to poop on the potty. But we did it in steps. First we told him he didn't have to poop on the potty, just be in the bathroom. Then when he was used to that, we had him sit on the potty to try when we thought he had to go. He didn't until his diaper was back on. Finally, one night we knew he had ro go and my husband had him sit on/off until he couldn't hold it anymore. That was the break through we needed. Lots of persistence and time.

  2. We have the opposite issue....she goes #2 on the potty just fine. In fact, she hasn't had a #2 accident in like 3 weeks! But the whole pee issue is that she just doesn't care. SO, at this point, I'm just waiting her out. We're in the process of moving, so in-between the newborn and packing up a house, the extra messes to clean up just aren't on my agenda (we also tried the naked thing...and it did work! As long as she doesn't have anything on, she'll pee in the potty). An extra number of trainers would be great to have on hand for when we get all moved and settled in and ready to focus, again, on potty training.

  3. I'm currently trying to potty train my daughter.. We go through phases. Her being interested then her regressing.. This time around, it's different. She asked if they had any princess potties. She wanted something different. So we got her a new potty.. It triggered her wanting to sit on the potty and try to go. She's very interested and loves setting her timer.. The timer is more for me since I can get distracted from time to time with cleaning, school work, or just playing with her. While we have mostly accidents, she doesn't want to go bare butt. She loves training pants. I love those that allow her to feel wet while holding the accident. We're considering the naked thing anyways since everyone says it works and apparently that's what my mom did for me. I just don't like the idea of her on the carpet or furniture..

  4. Congrats to Krista Seals for winning the potty training contest!