Sunday, October 6, 2013

Babyville's New Fabric

I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak at the new line up of PUL from Babyville!  I absolutely love the new boy's fabric and the girl's is absolutely adorable.  I now you are going to love it too!  That's why I'll be giving away a diaper cut of your favorite fabric!

I know you guys are dying to see the new fabrics, but I before we get to that I want to tell you about a few new things that will be coming out this month!

First up is the Babyville Boutique Ruffle Elastic.  This is a soft elastic with shiny, narrow ruffles on each side and is perfect for headbands and decorative bows.  It's also perfect for decorative embellishments for crafts.

Another item that is super frilly for the girls is the Babyville Boutique Scalloped Fold Over Elastic (FOE).

I'll be posting some pictures of how these look as soon as I get my sewing machine serviced.
Not only are there new PUL prints out, but they also have wicking jersey in several different colors and they coordinate with both the new PUL and older prints.  These are just the three colors I have currently.

And now for the new PUL fabrics.  Check out these adorable prints.  Pirates for the boys and little birdies and chevron for the girls.  Aren't these the cutest fabrics.  Just when my little one is finally potty trained.  It's a good thing I have a new niece and another on the way that I'll be able to sew for!

One more of the new items, although it has been out for a while, is the Ultimate Pocket Diaper Pattern.  I made one of these for Abbie in the largest size and she still uses it at night since she isn't completely dry all night. I love how easy it is to stuff.  If you have had experience sewing diapers you shouldn't have any problems following this pattern.  The picture below is the diaper I made for Abbie out of some of the new PUL.

Alright, now it is your turn.  If you would like to win a diaper cut (22"x22") of your favorite new PUL fabric, please comment below which print was your favorite and why.  I will be choosing a random winner on October 18th!


  1. ahhh! love these new prints! any idea when they are coming out? my daughter will def be getting a chevron and bird diaper when it comes out! also, do you like that pattern? havent used it yet, a little nervous about the open sides!

    1. I believe they will be out the first of November. I LOVE the ultimate pocket diaper pattern, even better than the regular pocket. The inserts come out easier in the wash, but it still prevents leaks just as well.

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