Wednesday, March 12, 2014

PFAPA update

I am so excited about my newest discovery, that I have to share it.  I know only a select few will ever need to use Tart Cherry, but I had to share.

I've mentioned in the comments of my PFAPA  post that Abbie no longer likes cherries because of having to take the tart cherry juice.  She also frequently refuses to drink it or I have to force her to take it.  Of course she can't see the long term effects, she just knows how strong the stuff is!  When I haven't given her the cherry juice religiously and then she gets a doosey I feel so guilty and like the world's worst mother.  But when I have to force her to take it and she is crying I feel so bad as well.  This last fever in February only lasted two and a half days, but they were rough.  Her stomach hurt.  Her mouth hurt.  Her legs hurt.  Everything hurt and she couldn't get comfortable.  She couldn't sleep and she was so hot.  One of the mornings I sat beside her on the bed and just cried.  Carl said that maybe we should talk to her specialist at her next appointment about having her tonsils removed.  Yes, she wasn't having as many fevers, but during the fever episodes our quality of life suffers so much.  She suffers so much.  We, as parents, are helpless to help our child.  That was on February 3rd.  She hasn't had a fever yet.
But I digress.  Back to my discovery.  I was out of cherry juice and hadn't given it to her in two days.  She hadn't slept for two days.  I was desperate and needed to order some more, but I know how much Abbie dislikes/ hates the taste.  While doing some browsing I discovered that the tart cherry comes in chewable tablets!  Oh happy day!!!  
But I didn't buy the bottle yet.  What if it tasted horrible?  What if I bought these and they tasted just as bad as the liquid?  I talked about it with Carl.  He told me to just try it one round.
We got the chewables in last week and Abbie has been taking them without complaining every day.  She has slept through the night every night.  I've given her the chewable right after dinner and within an hour of taking it she has fallen asleep EVERY night.  And she has slept THOUGH the night without coming in our room EVERY night.  Of course it has helped with her fever episodes, it's tart cherry, but what I am most impressed with is how much better this has helped her with her sleeping.  The regular concentrated liquid did not work this well.
In case you were wondering which brand I was using it is the Enzymatic Therapy Tart Cherry Ultra Chewables.  The directions say to take three, but I just give Abbie one and results are, as I've said, amazing!!
I hope if you are looking for something to help with PFAPA that this will help your family the way it has helped our family!


  1. Hi there - I came across your post on Babycenter. Im wondering if the cherry chews are still working for your daughter? Do they shorten the episodes or just relieve symptoms? Curious about trying this!

    1. They are! Abbie has only had one episode since beginning the chewables and it lasted less than 24 hours. She had been staying the night at my mother's just about every night that week so she hadn't been taking her tart cherry. She hasn't complained about her mouth hurting or her stomach hurting and best of all, NO fevers!!