Friday, May 30, 2014

Healing Abbie's teeth

In past posts, I have shared how worried I have been about Abbie's teeth. She is currently without her two front teeth and has had eight fillings and needs another one done. A friend suggested I look into healing her teeth and recommended a book on healing teeth decay. To do this you are really supposed to change your diet. So far that has been very hard. Abbie eats breakfast and lunch at her Nanny's and then by the time I get home to fix dinner, I'm exhausted and usually fix the easiest thing...which of course does not follow the diet because it is mostly preserved foods. It's recommended you use a particular type of cod liver oil that is high vitamin, high vitamin butter, and a lot of stuff made with bone marrow. I've got to do more research because it appears to be very expensive to start this. But the big thing with this diet is adding more Vitamin A and D which I can do! Now it's not exactly the diet that is recommended, but it is a start until the school year is over and I can acquire the recommended butter, cod liver oil, and other diet items. I have the Twinlab Norwegian Cod Liver Oil and I just bought Vitamin D chewables. I just discovered that a lack in Vitamin D can actually cause the fever episodes. It's interesting that Abbie always has worse fevers in the winter over the summer. She spends almost every summer day outside playing in the water and her body is using the sun to create vitamin D; however, in the winter she stays inside most of the day and has very rough fevers. I bought the Vitamin D to see if the combination of Vitamin D and Tart Cherry Chewables would help with the fevers. In trying with my experimentation I think I will stick with just adding the Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin D to her diet until her next dentist appointment at the end of June. When I run out of the cod liver from this bottle then I will invest in the fermented cod liver oil and possibly the high-vitamin butter oil from Green Pasture. I've even applied for the ability to do a group buy with my coop. From my readings I believe it really takes six weeks to have full healing and she will only have five weeks. But I would think that in that time her teeth should have healed substantially and her dentist should see a transformation in her teeth. Stay tuned for updates.

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