Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Face Miracle

Acne has been the curse I have born for since I entered puberty twenty years ago.  I am now 34 and am for the first time in my life acne free!  All thanks to something that has been in my cabinets my entire life.
As I bought my last skin care product, I told my husband how desperate I was.  "If someone told me that shark sperm could cure acne I would buy it."  It was the absolute truth!   After that didn't work I began to do a little searching online and discovered that there were people who washed their faces with two things to prevent breakouts; honey and oils.  I had to try it.  I knew honey was excellent for burns, but I had never thought to wash my face with it.  The only oils I had were vegetable oils and some coconut oil.  So I started with washing my face in the evening with coconut oil because it would remove the make-up.  Later when I was spray painting a chair, I had spray paint all over my hand.  I decided to forgo soap and try coconut oil.  It took the spray paint right off!
Coconut oil is excellent for the skin.  It has antibacterial properties, is a natural moisturiser, and it tricks your face into producing less oil.  I read that there were other oils that might be better, but it was all I had in my cabinet.  And it worked!
Here is how to do it.
In the evening,
Step 1: massage the coconut oil into your face for about 30 seconds
Step 2: soak a towel in hot water, but not so hot that it would burn, and place it over your face to open your pores, for about 30 seconds.
Step 3: repeat the process
Step 4: wipe lightly with a clean wet washcloth
That's it.
The following morning wash your face with honey.  Honey also has antibacterial properties, helps heal skin, and balances oily skin while moisturising dry skin.  But you will want to use raw honey.  The raw honey has probiotics while the processed honey has lost a lot of the healing qualities.
In the morning,
Step 1: Rub about a tablespoon of honey on your face.
Step 2: Leave it on for about ten minutes.  I usually do this while I am in the tub and leave it on while I wash.
Step 3: Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.
That's it.  You will notice the difference almost immediately.  I did.

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