Saturday, January 31, 2015

Review Becky Cameron 1800 Series Bed Sheets

My husband and I have been married for ten years and in ten years I have never bought us a pair of sheets.  We got two pairs as wedding presents which are finally worn out and are begging to be thrown away.  My mom bought me a pair as a Christmas present and I think a pair came with a bed set we got a few years ago.  I've always been too scared to pick out sheets.  It's overwhelming.  How do you know what thread count to buy?  What if they don't feel right?  One set we got as a wedding present has been a favorite.  It felt very soft, almost like a tee shirt, but it wasn't that cheap tee shirt material sheets you buy at WalMart.  But even those now, sadly have a hole.  But that isn't why I bought my first pair of sheets.

My daughter has graduated from her toddler bed to a queen bed.  My original plan was to turn her toddler bed into a full and buy the bed rails that were supposed to go with it, but I literally walked into this free queen bed.  My aunt and uncle were giving away their daughter's old mattress which is a really nice pillow top (on both sides) mattress.  It was perfect for Abbie!  But I own no queen sheets!  For the past three weeks I've had a king top sheet tucked over her mattress.

I had to buy sheets.  I started surfing and came across the Becky Cameron 1800 Series Bed Sheets.

Here is the description from Amazon:
  • Fitted Sheet: W-78 & L-80 + 16 inches
  • Flat Sheet: W-102 & L-105
  • Pillow Cases: W-20 & L-40
  • Made from quality materials
  • Dyed in sage shade
Is revamping your bedroom is the next thing on your to-do list? Then you are at the right place. Watch out for this 1800 Series Becky Cameron Collection Sheet Set. This set comprises of one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and pillowcases .  Dyed in classy gray shade, this set will go well with your decor.  Crafted from ultra-fine material, this set promises to offer you utmost comfort during your relaxation time. You will feel a new dash of elegance in your bedroom by making this set a part of it. This Collection Sheet Set exhibits a perfect mix of comfort and durability which makes this set a unique one to own. Easy to clean and maintain, this set is will remain in tiptop condition for years to come. So hurry up to get one soon to feel the difference.

I decided to give it a chance.  You don't find 1800 count sheets this cheap; however I am unable to justify spending much more for anything I buy.

The pricing was surprising.
I haven't been able to find them listed anywhere for $99, but the idea that I am saving $74.01 by purchasing them on Amazon is, I guess, supposed to make you feel good.  This was the cheapest I found them.

I bought three sets; a king, queen for my daughter, and twin for my son.

The packaging was impressive.  Of course, I don't frequently purchase sheets, but first impressions make a huge impact.  

A lot of new sheets have a funny chemical smell, but I didn't notice any different smell.  They have very deep pockets which was perfect for our king mattress with a pillow top.  My husband and I fight our current sheets as they are constantly coming off the mattress.  These have elastic ALL the way around, not just on the corners so they go under the mattress and stay.  These are the first pair I have owned that stayed in place all night long.  I've read that the california king doesn't fit the mattress as well, but I can tell you that the king is perfect.  The top sheet is super long and well covers the bed.  This is also wonderful.  We have the pleasure of having a 50 lb pitt and a burrowing chiweenie.  By the end of a typical night in our old sheets I would barely have an inch left on my side, but with these there is plenty on the sides to stay covered up.

They were also very soft and comfortable.  My husband usually hates a top sheet and they end up bunched at the foot of the bed, but it was so soft and comfortable that he slept under it all night.  

I wasn't sure about colors, but I love the gray and chocolate.  I ordered my daughter aqua and wasn't sure how I would feel about it, but it is beautiful.  We got the gray and my son got the chocolate.  I plan on ordering us a chocolate and my son a navy and my daughter a gold.

They are in fact very soft and beautiful.  My husband commented on how good they felt after sleeping on them.  I am very impressed and very happy with these sheets.  I'm actually thinking about getting another set for our bed and another queen for my daughter and twin for my son!