Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PFAPA update

So Abbie's teeth are horrible as a result of her fevers.  Back in March my TechDaddy took Abs to Dr. Napier in Aiken.  His policy is that children have to go back on their own.  So my husband sat there in his office for nine hours.  NINE HOURS, while my daughter was back there by herself.  Finally he called my husband back and they discussed how high fevers can damage teeth and the developing of teeth.  He said he could fix all of her teeth in three visits.  They decided to get an estimate from insurance before setting up the next appointment.  Two weeks later I got a call that she had been referred to another pediatric dentist.  I decided to ask my facebook friends for referrals and got a lead on a dentist in Augusta at Center for Pediatric Dentistry.  I called them.   They aren't in my network, but will take my insurance, plus I have the dental plus for the extra coverage.  I was very impressed by the office.  They were able to get x-rays easily.  Dr. Napier hadn't been able too.  He said her mouth was too small and he had the smallest equipment in the area.  How many other times had he lied to us?  The dentist put me at ease and said we needed to give her a clean start so that when her adult teeth came in she wouldn't have all that bacteria in her mouth.  We could do it all in one visit either in the office or at the hospital as out patient.  It will cost us over $5,000 after insurance to do this though.  If you feel so inclined would you share Abbie go fund me or donate yourself.  Chompers for Abbie     I have put her on an anti-inflammatory diet to help reduce her fevers even more.  She is drinking beet and carrot juice every day.  I have filled the fridge with fruits and veggies and reduced her bread and sugar intake.  I was given hope after calling the Ask a Pharmacist show.  You can hear my call here at 45:00 into the program.  Joe Dimatte had a lot of ideas to help fight the inflammation caused by her PFAPA.


  1. Hi Tracie,

    I came across your blog a few weeks ago in desperate search to find a more natural solution for my 3 year old son's regular fevers. I have started giving him the tart cherry chewables each night, multi vitamins with Omega 3's, and probiotics. Not to mention I did a complete overhaul on his diet (No wheat, dairy, packaged foods). He has been doing all of this for about 3 weeks now, and today he has started running fever.

    I was long did it take your little girl to start seeing results with the tart cherry? Did she continue to get fevers and they gradually became more spaced out? Just wondering if it takes time, or is more of immediate results?

    Thanks so much!


    1. The first fever after we started taking tart cherry came on schedule. The second was milder and perhaps a day shorter. The third one came several days later than it scheduled to happen. From there they began to space out a little more each month. The fevers even got down to about two to three days instead of a week and much milder than before. She now has fevers months apart. She had one in August and hasn't had one since. I thought she had one on Christmas but it ended up being hand, foot, and mouth disease. Fun, huh?

    2. I'm so happy she is still going with them being months apart. His last fever was a bit milder, but he had coughing and congestion (so not sure if it was an episode or not). Today he woke up running a fever, and I'm almost positive it's a fever episode because he has been complaining about his stomach. But, long story short, he went six weeks between those two fevers, and 10 weeks between the last episode that we were for sure was PFAPA back in January (His fevers were normally 2-4 weeks apart). I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for your blog post on the tart cherry. I was just about at my wits end. Prednisone helped for the first few months, and then made them closer together. I am hopeful his fevers will space out ever more, and hopefully become more mild. We continue to keep him on a pretty strict diet, which we hope will help as well. Oh, and hand foot and mouth is awful. Our whole family had it last year. Not fun.