Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My new Entrance Storage Bench by The Hedge Woodworks

Every week after dropping the kids off for ballet and karate I would visit the same stores in search of the one thing missing from my house, the perfect storage bench for my entrance way.  I found a couple that I was willing to compromise on, but always decided to wait a week before purchasing and then by the next week they just didn't interest me any more.  Let me show you what I finally purchased..

Isn't it gorgeous!  I contacted Blake Rexroad from The Hedge Woodworks and told him what I was looking for.  He got a few measurements from me and sent me pictures of the progress.  It's a family business and his wife Andrea stains the furniture.  The two of them delivered it and set it up for me and it is absolutely gorgeous.
My kids and husband like to kick their shoes off when they get home under a little entrance table I have and the kids just throw their bookbags on the floor.  I asked for hooks for the bookbags and places for baskets where the kids could put their shoes.  The bench is perfect for the kids to be able to sit down and put their shoes on in the morning before leaving for school.

I requested a shelf above the hooks.  My plan is to buy little wicker baskets to place on the shelf and based on the teachings on Marie Kondo I will be emptying my purse into those baskets everyday when I get home.

I love the decorative edge.  It really sets this piece a part and the quality is amazing.  
Blake says that his desire to build furniture is rooted in the fact that both of his grandfathers were master carpenters.  When someone recently noticed a piece he had produced, he told Blake that he thought "handmade furniture was a dying art, as so many people were quick to turn to  the furniture in a box store."Since that point was driven home, he has made it a personal goal to keep his cost comparable to the "furniture in a box stores" so more potential clients understand that handmade furniture is affordable and can be created in a timely manner. 
This is a piece that will be treasured for years to come and  I'll be able to leave to my children when I am gone.

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