Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review Sarasota Breeze Offset 10ft. Umbrella

For Mother''s Day, my sister, sister-in-law, and I got my mother the Sarasota Breeze Offset 10 foot  Umbrella.  The three of us found it very east to put together and pretty self-explanatory.  This is how it looked put together.  It covers her 6-seat outdoor table very well and provides excellent protection from the sun!
We purchased the umbrella at Ollie's for $99.99 and couldn't find a better deal anywhere.  The design keeps everything open under the umbrella.  The warning tag state that while the umbrella is water-resistant, it is not water-proof and can leak during heavy rains.  Most sports stores sell water-proofing kits; however, I doubt we will ever be eating outdoors during a heavy rain storm.  Putting it together was simple and easy for two people, but it was rather heavy so one person would probably need some help.   To open and close the umbrella, you use the hand crank located at the back.  I am 5'4" and found it difficult to turn since it was above my head.  The umbrella did want to fall forward due to its weight an we solved that problem with two screws into the deck through the base that came with the umbrella, making this umbrella permanent.  I discovered that actually to be a problem when a large storm came up and I was unable to get the umbrella down by myself after the wind had twisted it around.  The picture on the box showed a fan shaped base; however that is not what came with the umbrella.  A base was offered separately and we purchased it for $49.99;  however it was not needed after we screwed it down.  I love that the inside screen is an option.  My sister is highly susceptible to mosquitos and because the net goes all the way to the floor, no bugs can get in!  The inside screen can be removed and is held in place by velcro strips all the way around.  The velcro is very tacky and holds very well.  The zipper is well made and of high quality.  The net reaches all the way to the ground and is very effective at keeping out bugs.  Overall I found this umbrella to be excellent and would highly recommend it!


  1. I would like to add an addendum! Yesterday while using the umbrella for shade while redoing the boards on the deck, my sister and I discovered one problem. The velcro on the umbrella is the sticky side. Every time we would walk out from under the umbrella with it lowered slightly we would get our hair stuck. This is a design flaw. The soft velcro should have been placed on the umbrella, not the sticky side. I'm betting this was done so the sticky side wouldn't tear the netting, but it is very frustrating if you keep getting your hair caught in it!

  2. I'd love to know where you bought the weighted base. I went to their website but couldn't find any purchase nor where-to-purchase links.